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Fast attack unit 3072

Supply unit

IFEX® Fast attack unit 3072

The IFEX® Fast attack unit with its special coaxial hose of 30 to 100 m length is used for the supply of the IFEX 3000 Impulse firefighting gun in connection with all kinds of vehicles.

For vehicles without their own water supply, like for example estate cars or delivery vans, IFEX 3000 offers as a complete solution a carriage with hose drum and 55 metre hose, 72 litre water tank and compressed air cylinder.

Application possibilities

vehicle fires
fires in the emerging phase
emerging forest fires and extensive fires
electric fires
cable fires
Liquid fires*

* with liquid fires, foam agents basically need to be used.


leisure parks and holiday parks
social care facilities
catering trade
furniture and paper industries
wholesale and retail trade
camping sites
open air events
trade fairs
disposal industry
fire brigades

Technical details

  • hose length: 30 / 55 / 80 / 100 metres
  • drum: length x width X heights 570 x 630 (870) x 546 mm
  • drum diamete: 570 mm
  • carriages: length x width x height: 1,150 x 660 x 830 mm
  • total weight drum: 62 / 77 / 93 / 109 kg
  • empty weight sledge: 150 kg
  • carriages: water tank capacity: 72 litres
  • compressed air cylinder carriages: 2 x 6 litre, 300 bar
  • pressure water/air: 6 bar / 25 bar
  • water/air connection: ¾“ / 8 mm
  • materials: aluminium F 52, stainless steel
  • containers connections: quick-release couplings



Fast attack unit 3072

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