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Forest fires and extensive fires

Forest fires and extensive fires

IFEX® Firefighting UNIT

Ideal for use in forest fires and extensive fires: the IFEX 3000 system turns a normal vehicle into a cross-country fire engine – a camera between the pipes is used for the target control. The control and shot triggering occurs via a control console in the driver‘s cab.

Application possibilities

forest fires
extensive fires




Technical details

  • water cannon water capacity: 2 x 25 litre
  • min. quantity of water shot: 10 litres
  • recharging air and water: 5 seconds
  • water cannon material: aluminium
  • water tank: 2,000 to 2,500 litres
  • water tank material: fibreglass/ polyester
  • water tank filling: during use
  • water pump operation: pneumatic
  • water pump capacity: 800 litres/min at 7 bar
  • compressed air tank: 1,500 litres/ 35 bar
  • required auxiliary drive power: approx. 20 KW/ 27.2 PS
  • triggering of the water cannons: manual from operating lever
  • max. shot length: 60 metres
  • optimum firefighting distance: 10 to 45 metres


IFEX®-Löschsystem auf IVECO Geländefahrzeug

IFEX®-firefighting system on IVECO cross-country vehicle