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Inaccessible areas

Inaccessible areas


Forest fires and bushfires often originate in inaccessible areas where the transport of firefighting equipment and water is a difficult operation. While conventional firefighting technology uses aeroplanes and helicopters with gigantic water tanks to drop the extinguishing agent in large quantities over the fire area, the IFEX® Impulse technology needs only small quantities of water – aboard a quick and agile helicopter – to extinguish the fire, to control it or to prevent it spreading to other areas.

Fires in high-rises in densely populated city centres are a similar problem for firefighters worldwide. The limited height of fire escape ladders and extinguishing cranes makes the firefighting application difficult and in many cases impossible. Also here, the use of IFEX® FireCopters represents the optimum – and in many cases the only – solution for an effective firefighting attack. Easy mechanical operation: adjustable tilt angle of the Dual-Intruder water cannon directly by the pilot.

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IFEX® Helicopter im Löscheinsatz (2x18 Liter Doppel-Intruder)

IFEX® Helicopter in the firefighting application
(2×18 litres Dual-Intruder)