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Firefighting from the air


Aboard the IFEX® FireCopter carriage, the IFEX® 18 litre Dual Intruder water cannon is used. With its large shot range and striking force, this high-capacity dual cannon enables immediate containment of the fire. The necessary water supply is carried in two water tanks with additional additive tanks; more than 300 litres allow an effective firefighting operation. The re-filling can be done from the air by snorkel.

A motor-driven air compressor with its own tank supplies the system with enough compressed air for numerous Impulse shots. The entire firefighting carriage can be mounted in a few minutes.

Application possibilities

forest fires
building fires
nature reserves


The advantages at a glance:

  • quick assembly and dismantling (less than 5 minutes)
  • immediately after the start ready to fire
  • 18-litre water cannons with 60 m reach (optimum at 40 metres)
  • can use any liquid extinguishing agent (water, foam additives etc.)
  • fast charging process of the firefighting cannon (2 to 3 seconds)
  • easy water absorption from the air


Technical details

  • cylinders of the firefighting cannon: 2 x 18 litres
  • water / extinguishing agent, tank capacity: 2 x 155 litres
  • empty weight: 350 kg
  • length x width x height: 2,960 x 400 x 200 mm
  • cylinder and border material: aluminium AL 52
  • pressure, in operation: 25 bar
  • speed at the mouth: 120 m/sec
  • valve opening /closing times: 20 milliseconds
  • max. shot length: 60 metre
  • width of the beam: 4 to 7 metres
  • optimum firefighting distance: 10 to 40 metres



IFEX® Helicopter in the firefighting application (2×18 litres Dual-Intruder)