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Trolleys 3035/ 3050

at least 35 Impulse shots

IFEX® TROLLEYS 3035/ 3050

The IFEX 3000 Trolleys with their capacity of 35 or 50 liters also allow more demanding applications to the user: the water supply for at least 35 Impulse shots equips it with the necessary firefighting power to hold even larger fires under control.

In each case the Trolleys consist of a water/extinguishing agent container, 6 litre compressed air cylinder with regulator, as well as fixtures for the Impulse firefighting guns and the 15 m coaxial hose. Standard breathing apparatus can be used when using a Trolley.

Application possibilities

vehicle fires
room fires
fires in the emerging phase
electric fires
cable fires
liquid fires*

* with liquid fires, foam agents basically need to be used.


leisure parks and holiday parks
social care facilities
hospitals, hotels
catering trade
furniture and paper industries
wholesale and retail trade
camping sites
large catering kitchens
trade fairs
disposal industry
fire brigades

Technical details

  • water/extinguishing agent capacity: 35 Liter/ 50 Liter
  • compressed air cylinder capacity: 6 litres
  • width x depth x height total: 525 x 520 x 1,070 mm
  • empty weight/ total weight: 41 kg/76 kg (35l), 48 kg/98 kg (50l)
  • hose length: 15 m
  • material of the extinguishing agent containe: stainless steel 1.4571-SS316
  • wheel suspension: steel
  • filler nozzles: brass
  • safety valve: 6.2 bar
  • water admittance filters (optional): mesh size 0.6 mm
  • air pressure in operation/in the test: 6 bar/10.4 bar
  • rec. additive admixture: 0.5 to 1%


TROLLEYS 3035/ 3050

TROLLEYS 3035/ 3050