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Effective firefighting system


Airports, shopping centres and other large buildings with public traffic make special demands for an effective firefighting system: it must be highly mobile, small and little, and the drive must correspond to the fire prevention directives. Here, there are the IFEX® Electromobiles, the tailor-made solution: the 2.5 KW electric motor brings the complete first attack equipment – 50-litre water tank, compressed air cylinder, hose drum and Impulse gun – at up to 30 km/h to the location of the fire.

Application possibilities

factory premises
shopping centres
fire brigades


Technical details

  • batteries: 6 x 6 Volt
  • length x width x heigh: 2,667 x 1,124 x 1,160 mm
  • weight with batteries: 525 kg
  • maximum speed: 30 km/h
  • compressed air cylinder: 6 litres / 300 bar
  • pressure regulator: 300 / 25/ 6 bar
  • water / air / pressure: 6 bar / 25 bar
  • pressure of the Impulse firefighting gun: 25 bar
  • optimum firefighting distance: 1 to 10 metres
  • hose drum: 55 m coaxial


IFEX® Elektromobil