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Application in city centres


The IFEX®-fire prevention motorcycles were developed as a special solution for the heavy traffic of city centres. Today they are in use in a variety of situations: everywhere where agility and mobility of the fire engine are the prerequisites for being able to fight a fire still in the emerging phase.

The IFEX® system with the 1 litre Impulse firefighting gun is mounted on the motorcycle with a specially developed bracket. During the journey, the entire bracket is folded down in order to improve the road holding of the motorcycle.

Application possibilities

vehicle fires
city centres
old towns
port facilities
forest fires


open air events
trade fairs
fire brigades

Technical details

  • water / extinguishing agent tank: 50 litres
  • compressed air cylinder: 6 Liter, 300 bar
  • water/ air pressure: 6 / 25 bar
  • pressure regulator: 300/ 25/ 6 bar
  • min./max. per Impulse shot: 0.25/1.0 litres
  • speed at the mouth: 120 m/sec
  • max. shot length: 16 metres
  • width of the beam: 3 metres
  • droplet size: 2 to 200 microns

IFEX®-Rapid Intervention

IFEX®-Rapid Intervention