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Impulse technology for fast and effective firefighting

The IFEX® Impulse firefighting process has radically changed the world of firefighting in only a few years. The function principle is quickly explained: the extinguishing agent is fired at very high speed directly into the source of the fire in a split second. For the high discharge velocity, 25 bar air pressure is provided in the pressure chamber. The extinguishing agent – normally quite simply water.

From this highly efficient contact with water, there arises one of the biggest benefits of the impulse firefighting technology: The systems operate regardless of a steady water supply and during the quick first attack need move only a small quantity of water to the source of fire – from this comes the high mobilitywhen in use. Impulse firefighting systems are able to use most extinguishing agents – all kinds of powder additions and additives, salt water, even special extinguishing agents for the fight against metal fires, such as dry sand or cement. But primarily they work only with water and air – the most economical extinguishing agents in the world.

The IFEX® system has turned out to be excellent for tyre fires. Especially for rubber fires, customary firefighting methods are absolutely ineffective. Through the IFEX® Impulse firefighting process, the kinetic energy penetrates into the depth of the source of the fire and takes the energy from the fire.