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Tunnel fire protection



Catastrophic tunnel fires during recent years have shown that road tunnels and railway tunnels must still be intensely worked on for effective fire protection. With its tunnel firefighting systems, IFEX® has now developed an effective concept which will make an essential contribution to tunnel safety.

The determining IFEX® product advantage – efficient use of water – has been implemented here in a combination of innovative firefighting systems: sensor-controlled on rails suspended on the tunnel ceiling, permanently installed in the tunnel walls or mounted on fast initial attack vehicles.

These systems need to carry only a small quantity of water to the source of the fire to achieve maximum effect there with some targeted Impulse shots: they can either already extinguish the fire in the emerging phase, or at least cool down the temperature in the tunnel so much through the enormous cooling surface of the impulse shot that people can escape and emergency responders are able to penetrate to the source of the fire.

Request the Sintef Test report about the official IFEX® tunnel tests in the Norwegian Akra fjord tunnel.


2x12 Liter Doppel-Intruder im Einsatz

IFEX® 2×12 litres Dual-Intruder in usez