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We will show you the IFEX®-firefighting equipment that is optimally matched to your needs.

On account of varied usability of the systems, IFEX® is the perfect solution.

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The IFEX® Backpack is the most mobile variation of the supply units for the IFEX® Impulse firefighting gun.

Success worldwide

The IFEX® Impulse firefighting system was developed in 1994 and to this day is still considered to be a pioneer on the market. Through its unique efficiency, lives are saved and protected by the firefighting, and also material damage is reduced many times over.

solutions and products

Impulse technology

For the high discharge velocity, 25 bar air pressure is provided in the pressure chamber.

Impulse technology

The IFEX® Impulse firefighting process has radically changed the world of firefighting in only a few years. The function principle is quickly explained.

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IFEX 3000: news page online

With pleasure we inform you about our IFEX products and the latest innovations.

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Some IFEX 3000 manuals are available for download as PDF files.

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The IFEX-app is available soon.

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portable units

The Impulse firefighting gun was developed as an extremely versatile tool for fire brigades and rescue teams all over the world.


installations for vehicle

With the IFEX® Upgrade units you make your working vehicle or emergency vehicle within minutes into a self-sufficient, highly effective Impulse fire engine.


Mobile units

Impulse firefighting gun is used in combination with a backpack or trolley. They form the perfect team for the quick first attack and a successful firefighting application.


The secret of the impulse firefighting procedure can be summarised in four words: Efficient use of water


Famous customers trust in IFEX®