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Impassable areas


IFEX® All terrain vehicle is the quick cross-country solution for impassable areas and bad roads. The ATV, as it is used e.g. by the fire brigade in Cairo, is based on the four-wheeled Honda FourTrax Foreman Quad and carries the Impulse gun, a 50-litre water tank, the compressed air cylinder and a hose drum with 55 m of coaxial hose. The IFEX® ATV makes the firefighter completely independent of road conditions and brings him quickly and reliably to the location of the fire.

Application possibilities

forest fires
fires in the emerging phase
vehicle fires
liquid fires*

* with liquid fires, foam agents basically need to be used.


holiday and leisure parks
trade fairs
open air events
fire brigades
harbour facilities
camping sites


Technische Details

  • type: Honda Foretrax, Foreman
  • engine: 395 ccm air-cooled, single cylinder 4-stroke
  • water/ extinguishing agent: tank 50 litres
  • compressed air cylinder: 6 litres, 300 bar
  • water / air pressure: 6/ 25 bar
  • pressure regulator: 300/ 25 / 6 bar
  • min./ max. per Impulse shot: 0.25/ 1.0 litres
  • speed at the mouth: 120 m/sec
  • max. shot length: 16 metres
  • width of the beam: 3 metres
  • droplet size: 2 to 200 microns
  • hose drum: 55m coaxial


IFEX-All Terrain Vehicle

IFEX®-All Terrain Vehicle